Reflecting on 2021.

Covid-19 pandemic, educational exclusion, rush to recover from learning losses, are just a few of the challenges we have faced this year.

As we reflect on the past 12 months, we are delighted to let you know that we have managed to find a way through some of these challenges. Edutab Africa staff, partners, teachers, and facilitators have shown resilience, creativity, problem-solving, agility, and flexibility in mitigating some of these challenges. These are vital components as educators, researchers, and instructional designers.

While working together, we turned some of these challenges into opportunities. We rose to the occasion, reflected, and made decisions that saw many positive changes come into play.

Under ideal circumstances, being an educator or researcher takes compassion, adaptability, and vigor. Since the pandemic began, there has been an upsurge in the need for these characteristics. Systems have been overwhelmed. Despite that, teachers, schools, project staff, and partners we work with have responded admirably.

For example, through partnerships with organizations such as Education Above All and Think Young, teachers, community libraries, and facilitators have learned and implemented innovative methods such as Play and Project-Based Learning Approaches to keep learners engaged even during school closures. Further, working with institutions such as Aston and Kisii Universities continue to help us gain more insights on Play-Based Learning Approaches in Early Childhood Education.

Apart from the above, educators in high schools and tertiary institutions we worked with have integrated new technologies such as Moodle to connect with students and brought new resources to students (E.g., podcasts and Foldscopes) to bring joy in learning.

The willingness to take risks and try new things by educators we have worked with this year speaks a lot about their passion and commitment. They tried new technologies, curricular materials, teaching strategies, and asked (many) questions to make it possible for learners to get the best. It takes a lot of effort, unlearning, and learning. Because of this, we honor your commitment and resilience!

As we gear up for 2022, we’d like to pose a question to you.
What change have you adopted this past year that you wish to continue with or improve?

Happy Holidays from the Edutab Africa Team! We wish you a happy and healthy festive break and all the best for the coming year.