The Banana Festival

On April 22nd, 2023, something extraordinary happened in Kisii. The Banana Festival, also known as Banana Celebration Day, is a significant event in the Kisii region of Kenya. It is a celebration of the banana fruit and its culture as an essential staple food in the area. Locals and visitors come together to indulge in various banana dishes and delicacies, such as matoke, ugali, and banana fritters. The festival highlighted the cultural significance of bananas in Kisii and how it’s intertwined with the people’s way of life. It also provided an opportunity for farmers to showcase their banana produce and gain exposure to potential clients while celebrating the community’s rich culture.

Edutab Africa visited the town to have a day full of activities with kids, including robotics, and visionary art dubbed 30*30, envisioning what the year 2030 would look like for children and adults.

The day began with an icebreaker activity called collaborative drawing, where kids drew on A4-sized paper that was folded into three parts. Participants drew undisclosed objects on each folded piece, leading to a fun activity that encouraged collaboration, open creativity, and learning. It was a fun activity not only for the kids but also for the parents who were present.

Next, the kids drew what they envisioned Kisii town would look like by the year 2030, showcasing all the good that will come from the global effort to preserve 30 percent of the planet by that year. Each picture depicted a different perspective, including green energy, wider roads, more people, a good airport, and so much more.

After the 30*30 art session, it was time to introduce the kids to the world of robotics.

Edutab Africa began with unplugged robotics activities. They then watched a video about robots and their applications in agriculture before being taken through the various components of Lego blocks, such as sensors, motors, wheels, etc. We then split the kids into four groups, and each group built a robot from Lego blocks. The outcomes were amazing, with each robot having a unique function and purpose, such as monitoring crops, spraying pesticides, a movable playhouse, and a robot tractor that could carry food around and harvest crops.

The boot camp ended with a reflection on why coding is essential for children. In conclusion, Edutab Africa and Icons Hub brought excitement and joy to Kisii with their fun-filled activities for kids. Not only were the kids entertained, but they also learned about the world of robotics and technology, which is crucial in today’s world. The event was a success, and the kids left feeling inspired, motivated, and excited. 

“Through coding, we can work as a team and be able to create more ideas,” a learner said.

Written by Victor Mmulah