Empowering Young Minds Using Scratch

In a remote Kenyan village near Mt. Elgon, Canaan Primary School caters to 204 students aged 6-9, facing significant challenges due to limited resources and minimal exposure to Information and Communication Technology (ICT). To address this issue and promote technology in learning, we have been implementing a project on introductory to ICT integration in education in different learning areas. Our staff, Jane Kimani and Mercy Ouma have been part of the teams leading this in 4 schools within Trans Nzoia County. This also includes schools and centers serving children with special needs. 

During this particular session, the two facilitators aimed to introduce and enhance creative coding using Scratch, a beginner-friendly platform, to nurture critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills among young learners, essential competencies within Kenya’s Competency-Based Curriculum.

 A group of learners selecting sprite and stage

While reflecting on the session, Mercy and Jane shared approaches used to introduce coding to children. “We used a playful ‘Human-Robot’ game, designed to familiarise students with coding fundamentals through interactive role-playing.” This is one of the unplugged computer science and logical thinking games that can introduce learners to coding.

The facilitators used group-based learning and provided laptops and tablets to students, creating a supportive environment to help shy students feel more comfortable. As a result, the students engaged in coding activities with enthusiasm, demonstrating how practical strategies, like small groups and technology integration, can positively impact students’ engagement in different learning areas. 

During one of the sessions at Canaan Primary School, the teachers involved in the program shared their observations and reflections:

I noticed that those learners who were initially reserved began to share their ideas proudly with their peers.”

Md. Ruth Onjera expressed

The joy of learning demonstrated by learners was heartwarming. The program should be extended to the other classes too!”

Md. Ruth Onjera expressed

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