2024 African Union: Year of Education – Educating Africans Fit for the 21st Century

In February 2023, during its 36th Ordinary Session, the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU) declared 2024 as the “Year of Education,” urging governments to hasten progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4).

The African Union’s thematic focus for 2024 centres on fostering an educated Africa by strengthening educational systems, raising awareness, and executing projects to enhance capacity building in the academic sector. Edutab Africa remains committed to this cause and consistently endeavours to improve the education landscape.

One of the primary objectives of the AU’s 2024 theme is to have a broader capacity for ICT to improve access to quality and management of education and training systems across the continent. Edutab Africa’s projects are aligned with this objective, contributing to the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA) by incorporating ICT solutions into educational initiatives.

Furthermore, the AU aims to reinforce science and math curricula while promoting scientific knowledge and fostering a culture of science across Africa. Edutab Africa has spearheaded various projects and activities to expedite scientific programs, including robotics, coding, and other STEAM awareness programs, thereby advancing the objectives of CESA.

Another vital goal of the AU theme is to expedite knowledge acquisition, skills development, and completion rates across all demographic groups. Recognising the rapid transition to the digital age, Edutab Africa continues to offer eLearning development solutions to empower learners at all levels.

Moreover, the AU emphasises launching comprehensive literacy campaigns to eradicate illiteracy. Promoting a reading culture emerges as a potent strategy in this endeavour. To this end, Edutab Africa initiated “Africa Children Stories,” a podcast platform to foster a reading culture among children, teachers, and parents. Collaborating with Saide’s African Storybook digital initiative, Edutab Africa has significantly contributed to effective literacy campaigns, reaching a global audience of over 5,000 listeners.

Lastly, Edutab Africa remains steadfast in ensuring equitable access to education for all learners, irrespective of their socio-economic status. Through its diverse projects, the organisation strives to serve marginalised groups within and beyond national borders, providing accessible and affordable education technology solutions to NGOs and government institutions, etc, thus accelerating Africa’s progress towards achieving CESA objectives.

Edutab Africa’s dedication to improving education aligns with the African Union’s vision for the “Year of Education” in 2024.