Edutab Africa is an innovative edtech company headquartered in Kenya, with an operational reach extending across multiple continents, including Africa, Australia, and the UK. Our core focus lies in the design and implementation of education programs grounded in evidence-based practices. Specialising in digital learning, eLearning solutions, and foundational learning initiatives, we are committed to advancing education through research and evidence-backed methodologies.

Our Mission

To be an enabler of transformed education through digital technologies.

Our Vision

We are committed to addressing the most critical challenges in education through evidence-driven digital technologies, creating a foundation for a more equitable and inclusive learning experience.

Our Team

Our team of passionate experts, including mathematicians, computer scientists, instructional designers, development specialists, and STEAM educators, brings together diverse perspectives and years of experience. This unique blend allows us to create a holistic and enriching educational experience for everyone. We go beyond conventional approaches by offering both online and offline programs, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in learning.

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  Victor Mmulah ICT Officer   Victor Mmulah has been working as an ICT officer and software developer for the last two years. He is a graduate of Maseno University, where he earned his Diploma in Information Technology, and most recently (Nov 2022) graduated from Moringa School, where he studied Software Engineering. In his free […]
Victor Mmulah

ICT Officer

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Sharon Jepkemboi Data Analyst Biography Sharon Jepkemboi has a background in Statistics with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Statistics with I.T. from Maseno University. She has interests and expertise in data analytics. Sharon’s current work includes contributing to data management and processing. Before joining Edutab Africa, Sharon worked at Maseno University(MU-LISA), Vibrant Villages, and Kenya […]
Sharon Jepkemboi

Data Analyst

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Patrick Njoroge Co-Founder Biography Patrick has an Educational background and 7-year experience working in Education Technology, Development Communication, and Education Research. This has been with organizations such as Aston University in Teachers in the Home project, the British Council’s Skills for Inclusive Digital Participation Program, Think Young, and African Maths Initiative, among others. At Edutab […]
Patrick Njoroge


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Michael Mumbo Co-Founder Executive Director Biography Michael Mumbo is an EdTech professional with a background in Mathematics and IT.  As an educator with expertise in Instructional Design, Michael has designed and developed various face-to-face and e-learning resources and courses for various institutions in Africa and beyond. Michael’s current work includes coordinating and overseeing various educational […]
Michael Mumbo


Executive Director

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Mercy Ouma Education Programs Officer   Biography Mercy Ouma is an Education Programs Officer. Before joining Edutab Africa, she was serving as a Teacher of Biology and Chemistry at St Josephine Bakhita, Homabay,  for four years.  She has also worked as Research Assistant at the Institute of Primate Research, Nairobi. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree […]
Mercy Ouma

Education Programs Officer

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  Maxwell Fundi Co-founder Biography Maxwell Fundi has a background in computing. Over the last four years, part of his work has involved software development and supporting educational initiatives on digital learning for organizations like IDEMS International, UK, and African Maths Initiative. These roles include setting up Learning/Content Management systems for schools and particularly worked in […]
Maxwell Fundi


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  Magdalene Chorongo Communications intern Magdalene Chorongo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature with IT from Maseno University. At Edutab Africa, she serves as a Communications intern co-leading post-design and social media management. She takes charge of recording, editing, and production of the African Children’s Stories podcast which has both  Swahili and English stories. Additionally, […]
Magdalene Chorongo

Communications Intern

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Lazarus Kioko Programs Manager   Lazarus has a background in Mathematical Science and IT. He has a deep passion for exploring mathematics’s profound insights into our everyday existence and its impact on global development. In addition, he is a 2018 Young Africa Leadership Initiative Fellow (YALI) and strongly believes in Africa’s potential to bring positive […]
Lazarus Kioko

Programs Manager

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Jane Kimani Data Scientist Biography Jane Kimani believes that nurturing and empowering children today sets the foundation for a brighter future. As a Rotaractor, she inspires and motivates children across the Western region, instilling in them the values of leadership and authenticity. In addition, she volunteers to take part in improving the community. Her commitment […]
Jane Kimani

Data Scientist

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Evans Odhiambo Data Scientist Biography Evans is the Data Lead at Edutab Africa. He has over five years of experience in data management and quantitative research methods techniques. His current work includes supporting the different project teams in data processing, instructional systems design, and program monitoring and evaluation. Before joining Edutab Africa, Evans supported the […]
Evans Odhiambo

Data Scientist

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Dr. Mildred Ayere e-Learning & Education Consultant Biography Mildred is a senior lecturer in the Department of Educational Technology and Curriculum Studies at Maseno University, Maseno University. I am a teacher of Mathematics and Business Studies having vast experience in teacher training from Early Childhood, Primary Teacher Training, and University Level Teacher training. As a […]
Dr. Mildred Ayere

Education Consultant

eLearning consultant

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Ahmed Abdallah Godwins Podcast Co-Host & Editor Biography Ahmed Abdallah Godwins is a multitalented media practitioner with 9 years of experience in broadcast and print media. He is the co-host and editor of Edutab Africa’s African Children’s Stories Podcast. He has a wealth of experience in scripting, narration, audio-visual production, and show hosting and has […]
Ahmed Abdallah Godwins

Podcast Co-host & Editor