A teacher’s reflection: Integrating technology in the classroom.

My name is Ephantus Murira Mutiga, a teacher of Biology and Chemistry at St. John Fisher’s Mbuinjeru, a mixed-day secondary school in Embu county. I hold a Degree in Bachelor of Education Science. I was motivated to pursue an education career when I was in primary school when my teacher used to give me opportunities […]

New Partnership: Coding Summer School

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Think Young, a think tank that focuses on young people. We shall be collaborating in their Coding Summer School, a great opportunity for young learners in Kenya. Registrations for the Coding Summer School in Nairobi are open! During two weekends (March 20/21 and March 27/28), kids […]

5 Best Programming Languages for Kids | Juni Learning

Kids Coding Languages Coding for kids can be hard to navigate — especially when it comes to choosing a first coding language to learn. With so many different programming languages available, where should you start? We’re here to help make that decision easier! From teaching coding classes for kids ages 8-18, we’ve learned tips and […]

International Literacy Day 2020

This year’s International Literacy Day finds us in unusual circumstances that we have not  experienced before. It finds us at a time when education systems are disrupted due to lock-downs and restrictive measures, with over 1.5 billion learners in more than 195 countries across the globe discovering and piloting with new ways of learning.  Within […]

Let’s Code The Fun Way using Blockly, Scratch and Android Programming

What you’ll learn Getting started with the programming using Blockly. Create smart and fun games using Scratch . Create animations and cool visual effects using Scratch. Mobile app development using App Inventor How to apply creativity, reasoning, and problem-solving to solve complex computer science issues. This course is designed for Children (above 8 years) Absolute […]

Introducing programming to kids.

The word programming has been used to spread the fallacy that it is the ‘languages of computers’, foreign and hard to read, disconnected from other subjects and takes years to learn. During one of our virtual programming sessions with 8-year-olds,  I met this kid who provoked my mind about learning/teaching programming to kids. In grade […]

Coding the fun way with kids.

Incredible advances in technology have changed the way we communicate, work, and learn. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed this further and forced us to adapt to the current realities.