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The Banana Festival

On April 22nd, 2023, something extraordinary happened in Kisii. The Banana Festival, also known as Banana Celebration Day, is a significant event in the Kisii region of Kenya. It is a celebration of the banana fruit and its culture as an essential staple food in the area. Locals and visitors co...
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Reflecting on 2021.

Covid-19 pandemic, educational exclusion, rush to recover from learning losses, are just a few of the challenges we have faced this year. As we reflect on the past 12 months, we are delighted to let you know that we have managed to find a way through some of these challenges. Edutab Africa staff, pa...
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Microscopy Today

My first interaction with microscopy was in a form one Biology classroom. In my entire experience in the laboratory, I can count the number of times I was able to touch a microscope. In some instances, most of the microscopes would not be operational forcing us to share one microscope amongst ten to...
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