Implementing National Curriculum Reforms Through App-Based Learning for School Leaders in Secondary Education


The collaboration between Edutab, a  technical solutions provider, and VVOB, an education-focused  NGO organization, was instrumental in driving the INCREASE (Implementing National Curriculum Reforms Through App-Based Learning for School Leaders in Secondary Education) project. The initiative aimed to fortify the implementation of Kenya’s Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) at the Junior School (JS) level.



Amid the educational reform, the Ministry of Education initiated teacher training. An initial evaluation revealed positive impacts on resource distribution, learners’ attitudes, and teaching methods. Despite progress, challenges remain, with teachers not fully comfortable using new assessment tools and school leaders having limited opportunities for essential instructional skills and professional development opportunities.


Solutions Implemented by Edutab

  1. Moodle Installation: Edutab spearheaded the installation of Moodle, a robust learning management system, forming the project’s digital infrastructure.
  2. Theme and App Customization: Edutab tailored themes, customized the Moodle app, and enhanced the user interface to ensure a seamless user experience aligned with CBC objectives.
  3. Content Digitization: Transformation of existing curriculum materials into interactive e-learning resources optimized for CBC requirements.
  4. Capacity Building: Through comprehensive training, Edutab empowered KEMI’s technical and teaching staff to manage the platform proficiently.
  5. Technical Support and Maintenance: Edutab provided ongoing technical support and proactive maintenance, ensuring platform stability and smooth operations.


Results Achieved

Successful Deployment: Seamless customization and installation of Moodle aligned precisely with CBC goals.

Improved Accessibility: The customized Moodle app facilitated effortless access to learning materials.

Digital Transformation: Digitized content empowered educators with versatile and interactive resources.

Enhanced Capacities: KEMI’s staff acquired proficiency in platform management.

Sustained Support: Edutab’s continuous technical support ensured uninterrupted operations.



The collaboration between Edutab, KEMI  and VVOB stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology-enabled solutions and targeted capacity building. Through this partnership, the successful implementation of Kenya’s CBC at the Junior School level has paved the way for enriched learning experiences and educational excellence.