Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology (RIAT)


From 2021 to 2023, Edu Tab collaborated with Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology (RIAT) to revolutionize its educational framework, establishing an eLearning department and empowering stakeholders for digital pedagogy excellence.



During the COVID-19 pandemic, RIAT faced the challenge of adapting to the evolving educational landscape. This involved addressing the absence of a robust eLearning infrastructure and acquiring the essential expertise for a seamless transition to digital learning methodologies, particularly for some of their Diploma and certificate courses.


Solutions/Services Provided

Customizing eLearning Infrastructure

  • Assisted RIAT in selecting and customizing a suitable Learning Management System (LMS), integrating it with existing systems.
  • Offered guidance on space requirements and staffing for the eLearning department’s establishment.

Capacity Building Workshops


Conducted comprehensive blended training workshops covering content development, online assessment, multimedia creation, online facilitation, and technical skills necessary for eLearning.

Content Conversion Support

  • Collaboratively guided 22 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for seven weeks to convert course content into a format compatible with the eLearning platform.
  • Empowered content experts to facilitate courses post-content development, providing training through Edu Tab’s introductory course.


Results Achieved

  • Establishment of eLearning Infrastructure: RIAT successfully implemented an efficient eLearning infrastructure, including a tailored LMS and appropriate staffing.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Expertise: RIAT’s faculty and technical teams acquired proficient skills in digital pedagogy through tailored workshops.
  • Successful Content Integration: Converted content seamlessly integrated into the eLearning platform, enhancing accessibility and user experience.



The collaboration between Edu Tab and RIAT from 2021 to 2023 signifies a transformative shift in RIAT’s educational landscape. By overcoming challenges through strategic guidance and comprehensive capacity building, RIAT now stands equipped to thrive in the dynamic world of digital education, ensuring a progressive learning environment for its stakeholders.