Jane Kimani

Data Analyst Intern

Jane K

Jane Kimani believes that motivated children are the future of this world. As a rotaractor at Maseno University,  she managed to inspire and motivate children around the western region on how to take leadership while still young and how they can be true to themselves to be able to evaluate themselves while still young.  She has a  Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematical Science (Statistics Major) with Information Technology from Maseno University. Before Joining Edutab Africa, she worked as an intern at Maseno University – Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis(MU-LISA) doing data analysis using R and Python.  She is passionate about the world of data science and providing insights with  Data Analytics to enable better informed decision making. She also has an interest in learning new things led by curiosity which leads to new paths. These interests include photography, engineering,cooking, and farming.