Michael Mumbo is an EdTech professional with a background in Mathematics and IT. He has over five years’ experience in Education and Data Science. He has organized and facilitated Mathematical boot camps for both local and international groups to promote STEAM learning for learners across academic different levels. Currently, he is a Sherpas at The Global Maths Circle.

Michael has led and supported research teams in fields such as Agro-Ecology and Education in Agro-Ecology Hub and African Maths Initiative. working ranging from Education to Agroecology.

He is also a founding member of  Bridging Ages Kenya, which focuses on the use of local history and how to apply this knowledge to the benefit of the local communities. This is through the Time Travel method, an educational method using local heritage to create reflection on contemporary issues.

He is currently further pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education Technology at Maseno University, Kenya.