Watch, Play, Learn (WPL) Project in Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya


The Watch, Play, Learn (WPL) project, sponsored by the Lego Foundation, managed by Sesame Workshop and implemented by Save The Children International, aimed to introduce innovative technology-enabled learning strategies within the Kenyan Ministry of Education’s strategic plan. This 13-month pilot initiative targeted two schools in Dadaab Refugee Camp, Garissa, Kenya, integrating video-based learning to enhance early childhood development education (ECDE).


Project Description

The project focused on leveraging a short series of 5-minute videos regularly within lesson plans for Pre-primary (PP1 and PP2) learners aged 3-6 years in two schools, encompassing 2 ECDE classrooms each and catering to 320 learners. The primary goals were to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment, foster joyful learning experiences, and equip teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively support learners.


Services Provided

Edutab, as a Technical service provider, supported Save the Children in piloting the Watch-Play-Learn (WPL) videos by Sesame Workshop. The services offered included:

  • Integration of digital learning resources into the Kenyan ECD national curriculum.
  • Training for teachers in technology usage, social-emotional learning (SEL), small group facilitation, and play-based learning.
  • Strengthening teachers’ capacity in classroom management, SEL, and learning through play via technology.
  • Provision of offline digital learning content, including Moodle setup and ongoing tech support.
  • Configuration and loading of 45 tablets with Sesame Workshop content and learning activities focused on social-emotional eLearning and numeracy.
  • Development and upload of training guides, session plans, curriculum mapping documents, and resources for teacher professional development.
  • Training on configuring tablets, pedagogical approaches involving play and gamification, and small group work.



The WPL project, through collaborative efforts between Sesame Workshop, Save the Children, and Edutab, aimed to transform early childhood education in Dadaab Refugee Camp. By integrating technology into the curriculum and providing comprehensive teacher training, the project strived to create an inclusive, engaging, and impactful learning environment for young learners.